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7 things to look out for in foot care

7 things to look out for in foot care

The legs are just as important as the face. But many do not set aside much time for foot care. Keeping our feet clean is just as important as keeping our bodies and clothes separate. I know what to look for in foot care

Washing the feet with lukewarm water mixed with the antiseptic solution as each province comes out will help destroy the germs.

The feet should be thoroughly scrubbed with the soap solution and pumice stone to remove dead skin cells. This will help the skin to get radiant and healthy.

Do not forget to trim the nails from time to time to avoid getting infected with dirt and fungus.

Avoid wearing shoes that cover the whole foot during the rainy season. When they are used, dirt and other contaminants can stay on the feet and cause fungal infections on the feet. So it is better to wear normal shoes during the rain.

Occasional pedicure is best to protect the feet. To do this, in a large bowl, add a pinch of salt, lemon juice, and shampoo to lukewarm water and mix well. Then soak the feet in this water for 15 minutes. Then scrub well between the nails and between the fingers. This will help to give beauty and health to the feet.

Cleaning the feet daily by adding a little salt to hot water will help prevent cracks in the soles and kill germs in the feet.

It is always best to apply sunscreen lotion on the feet when going out. This will help to prevent acne on the legs and prevent wrinkles from falling out and help to achieve radiant skin.